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  • AMC (EE_4.03)
    Applied Measurement an Control
  • Phy2 (EE_2.03)
    Physics 2 (Thermodynamics, Radiation, Heat Transfer)
  • SciProg (EE_2.06)
    Fundamentals of Scientific Programming

Supplemental material

Research Projects


  • InfoX
    Informatik Xanten

Internationalization of FCE

Route to FabLab


Arduino Sources


Tutorials, Books

  1. Arduino examples from the official Arduino project home.
  2. List of Manuals and Curricula from the Arduino Playground
  3. :!: Arduino Programming Notebook by Brian W. Evans
    I especially like the illuminating examples in the appendix how to link hard- and software.
  4. :!: Arduino Workshop by Geert Langereis, (pdf, pres.), TU Eindhoven
  5. :!: Introduction to Arduino - A piece of cake! by Alan G. Smith, (pdf, book) Princeton University
  6. Introduction to Arduino Part 1 by creativeC0d3r (web)
  7. Microcontroller Programming Beginning with Arduino by Charlie Mooney, (pdf, pres.),
    Univ. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC)
  1. Arduino Programming Notebook by Brian W. Evans

Interesting Boards and MCU


Some Libraries particularly interesting for the course:

Video Tutorials by MaxTech (in German)

Video Tutorials by

Special Topics

Arduino Timer Interrupts

Putting Arduino to Sleep Mode

Data Sheets

LM35 Temperature Sensor

LDR A 9060-09


Arduino UNO pinout


Possibly two types of breadboards:

Type 1: Continuous connection of long rows:


Type 2: Long rows are seperated:

Resistor Color Code


Logic Levels

Fig.: Logic levels, image from sparkfun learn (

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