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  • AMC (EE_4.03)
    Applied Measurement an Control
  • Phy2 (EE_2.03)
    Physics 2 (Thermodynamics, Radiation, Heat Transfer)
  • SciProg (EE_2.06)
    Fundamentals of Scientific Programming

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  • InfoX
    Informatik Xanten

Internationalization of FCE

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Environmental Monitoring Research Project (WS 2019/20)

Lecture / Lab:
Tue 16:00 - 19:15
Room 02.02.510 (IoT Lab)

Image: OLGA - Observational Light Aircraft for Geophysical Applications, the HSRW research microlight aircraft of the research and development project SPECTORS

This year we are providing the learning material on our GitLab server:

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